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Budgie Biology

The budgie is perfectly designed for its nomadic life in the Australian outback. Like other parrots, it has very dexterous four-toed feet, which act like hands for grasping and holding objects. Its beak offers additional support to the toes, and the bird can open its mouth very wide when gripping large items. This is a budgie speciality - most birds have the upper part of the beak fused to the skull, but in the budgie and other parrots the upper beak is hinged, giving much freer movement.

A pair of wild budgies
A pair of budgies in the wild

Cock birds have stronger beaks than hens; but it's the females who tend to use it more in defence, especially when there's a nest to defend. The bird is never going to do its owner much damage with such a little weapon, but you will definitely feel it if an angry bird nips you!

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