Beaphar Tummy Care is a complementary feed for rabbits, guinea pigs and rodents that is formulated to improve fluid intake and aid digestion. Made with real carrot juice, it contains Fructo-oligosaccharide (23g/kg), a prebiotic substance which stimulates the growth of good intestinal bacteria at the expense of bad bacteria, which helps to maintain a healthy intestinal flora and gut function. It also contains Vitamin C, which enables the synthesis of collagen and cartilage.

Should your pet have more than a slight tummy upset, or if problems persist for more than a few days, please visit your vet promptly.

Not suitable for degus or chinchillas due to the sugar content.

Composition: Various Sugars, vegetables (Carrot concentrate 17%), derivatives of vegetable origin (FOS 2.3%), Minerals, Cereals.

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