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Miss Pepperpot

Miss Pepperpot Geschichte

Miss Pepperpot is a modern hybrid and is the result of a Rhode Island Red crossed with a Maran and a Plymouth Rock. They are superb egg layers and have a thick rich plumage which protects them from the elements. They are attractive birds with a small red semi-erect comb which is mottled with black. The beak is black and the legs are unfeathered and slate grey. They have four toes. The face is smooth and they have small smooth red wattles and earlobes.

Miss Pepperpot Verhalten

Miss Pepperpot is a prolific layer of large to extra large brown eggs. They are docile birds and easy to handle so make wonderful pets. They are ideal for free ranging but can be just as happy kept in a run. They are also very hardy birds and can cope with most weather conditions and are disease resistant.

Miss Pepperpot Varietäten

Only available as a female, they have black feathers which have an attractive green sheen towards the back and tail. They have red and gold feathers with black tips on the chest and some gold feathering in the hackle. The eyes are deep bay and the legs are slate grey.

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