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Omlet Guide to Keeping Bees and Beehaus Instructions

by Omlet

With more and more people getting started with beekeeping we thought it was about time we wrote our own guide to this fantastic hobby. Ideal for the complete bee-ginner this guide explains everything you need to know about keeping bees in a simple and enjoyable way, with a teensie bit of Omlet humour thrown in for good measure.

This guide is full of photos and diagrams that will help you every step of the way and there are even examples of products that will benefit you. As well as a section on assembling your Beehaus you will find chapters on honey bees, inspection, the beekeeping year, feeding, advanced beekeeping, swarm control, health and honey. There is also a useful troubleshooting section for any questions you may have.

This guide now comes included when you buy a Beehaus package, but it is a useful book to buy if you are considering keeping bees or already keep them in a different bee hive.

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