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Exotische Kurzhaarkatze

Eine gestromte zweifarbige exotische kurzhaarkatze, die sich hinlegt Eine hübsche gestromte zweifarbige exotische kurzhaarkatze mit einer rosa knopfnase Eine hübsche exotische kurzhaarkatze mit seehundspitze, die sich hinsetzt Eine süße gestromte exotische kurzhaarkatze mit bernsteinfarbenen augen Eine gestromte zweifarbige exotisch-kurzhaarige katze, die mit einer pfote unter ihr liegt


The original goal for the Exotic Shorthair breed was to create a shorthaired version of the Persian. American Shorthair breeders bred American Shorthairs to Persians to obtain their lovely silver color and green eyes but the coat did not meet the American Shorthair type.

A breeder called Jane Martinke proposed that these cats could be a new breed, called the Sterling because of their silvery color. The aim was to create cats that looked just like Persians but with a short, dense, silver coat. The idea to keep the breed silver was scrapped and the breed was renamed the Exotic Shorthair and accepted a wide variety of colours. Outcrosses were made to short haired breeds like the Burmese and the Russian Blue to fully integrate the shorthair gene in the breed. This was easy enough due to the short coat gene being dominant and after these initial outcrosses the offspring were bred back to Persians.

Exotic Shorthair breeders had painfully slow progress due to Persian breeders initially refusing to provide their cats as breeding stock for this new emerging breed. Gradually the popularity of the Exotic Shorthair began to increase and so did the quality of the kittens being born. This led to an increasing number of Persian breeders being willing to help and even take on the Exotic Shorthair as a side project to their Persian breeding. The goal to produce a short haired Persian remained true so as Persian type changed so did Exotic Shorthair type.

The breed standards of the Exotic Shorthair and Persian are now identical except for coat length. The Exotic Shorthair gained championship recognition from TICA in June 1979.


Exotic Shorthair cats are easygoing and affectionate. These cats love comfort and are always on the look out for a warm lap to snuggle up in. They are really docile and will be very happy cats provided they are given enough treats and attention.


Comes in a wide variety of colour variations.

Einzelheiten zur Rasse

  • Status: Common
  • Herkunft: USA
  • Ungefährer Entstehungszeitraum: 1960s
  • Haarlänge: Kurzhaarig
  • Aktivitätsgrad: Niedrig
  • Vokalität: Niedrig
  • Child friendly: Kinderfreundlich
  • Intelligenz:
  • Verspieltheit: Relaxed
  • Pflegeanforderungen: Einmal pro Woche
  • Produktgewicht: 3.5 - 7.0kg
  • Version: Größe M
  • Hauskatze oder Freiläufer: Hauskatze
  • Verträglichkeit mit anderen Haustieren:
  • Soziale Bedürfnisse:

Fotos der Rasse

Meine Exotic Shorthair in Lilac

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