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Maine Coon


The Maine Coon cat originated in North America in the state of Maine which is where the name comes from. The Maine Coon is also the official state cat for Maine and many old wives tales exist about the Maine Coon’s beginnings. One such ludicrous story is that feral domestic cats mated with racoons which is biologically impossible. This story along with the Maine Coon’s bushy raccoon-like tail and tabby coat led to the name of Maine Coon being settled on.

The most logical story is that the breed originated from matings between shorthaired domestic cats and imported longhaired cats - either across the Atlantic or from other US states.

The Maine Coon has appeared in literature as far back as 1861 with a black and white cat named 'Captain Jenks of the Horse Marines'. Maine Coons have been historically popular at cat shows in America. At an 1895 cat show at Madison Square Garden a female, brown tabby Maine Coon won best in show.


Maine Coons are independent and spirited cats. They are quite happy in their own company and tend not to pester their owners for attention. Instead they prefer to enjoy their owners company from a distance and will happily curl up on the sofa next to you whilst you watch tv.


Maine Coons come in a wide variety of colours but are always long haired.

Einzelheiten zur Rasse

  • Status: Common
  • Herkunft: USA
  • Ungefährer Entstehungszeitraum: 1800s
  • Haarlänge: Langhaarig
  • Aktivitätsgrad: Mittel
  • Vokalität: Niedrig
  • Child friendly: Kinderfreundlich
  • Intelligenz:
  • Verspieltheit: Moderate
  • Pflegeanforderungen: Mehr als einmal pro Woche
  • Gewicht: 4.0 - 7.5kg
  • Größe: Groß
  • Hauskatze oder Freiläufer: Hauskatze
  • Verträglichkeit mit anderen Haustieren:
  • Soziale Bedürfnisse: