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Persian - Smoke


To read the full history of the Persian breed click here. This colour variation was created in the 1860s in the UK. Each hair on the smoke is pale at the base becoming darker to the tip. This breed was pretty rare and almost died out in the 1940s. However a group of dedicated breeders worked to keep the breed alive and extend the colours.


Read about the Persian behaviour here.


White with tipped with colour including black, blue, cream, red and tortie patterns.

Einzelheiten zur Rasse

  • Status: Common
  • Herkunft: UK
  • Ungefährer Entstehungszeitraum: 1860s
  • Haarlänge: Langhaarig
  • Aktivitätsgrad: Niedrig
  • Vokalität: Niedrig
  • Child friendly: Nicht so kinderfreundlich
  • Intelligenz:
  • Verspieltheit: Relaxed
  • Pflegeanforderungen: Täglich
  • Gewicht: 3.5 - 7.0kg
  • Größe: Mittel
  • Hauskatze oder Freiläufer: Hauskatze
  • Verträglichkeit mit anderen Haustieren:
  • Soziale Bedürfnisse: