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Ein ragdoll-kätzchen, das gerade beGonnen hat, spitze abzeichen zu entwickeln Eine lappenpuppe mit siegel Eine umherstreifende stofftierkatze Eine junge, braun gespitzte stoffkatze


The history of the ragdoll begins in California in the early 1960s. A breeder called Ann Baker owned a female white longhaired cat named Josephine who is now considered the matriarch of the breed.

A solid black cat called Daddy Warbucks was mated to one of Josephine’s kittens called Buckwheat and her half sister called Fugiana. These breedings form the foundation of the Ragdoll breed.

Josephine was hit by a car and taken to a medical centre where Ann (the breeder) claims something incredible happened. Ann believes that Josephine’s genes were altered through these events because every subsequent litter that Josephine had came with the overly soppy Ragdoll temperament we know today.

Ann’s breeding program included a number of breeders who were contracted as part of her franchise. As time went on Ann became hard to work with and breeders started to move away from her to develop the breed by themselves. A couple called Denny and Laura Dayton who had originally worked with Baker now started to distance themselves but went on to play a key part in legitimising the Ragdoll breed.


The Ragdoll is famed for its docile and lap loving temperament. Ragdoll owners have reported that their cats are always happy as long as the attention is on them. This includes dressing them up, cuddling them and simply offering them a lap to curl up in.


Ragdolls come in 6 different colors: red, seal, chocolate, blue, lilac, and cream. They can also come in four different patterns: lynx (similar to tabby), mitted, bicolour and pointed.

Einzelheiten zur Rasse

  • Status: Common
  • Herkunft: USA
  • Ungefährer Entstehungszeitraum: 1960s
  • Haarlänge: Langhaarig
  • Aktivitätsgrad: Niedrig
  • Vokalität: Niedrig
  • Child friendly: Kinderfreundlich
  • Intelligenz:
  • Verspieltheit: Relaxed
  • Pflegeanforderungen: Täglich
  • Produktgewicht: 4.5 - 9.0kg
  • Version: Größe L
  • Hauskatze oder Freiläufer: Hauskatze
  • Verträglichkeit mit anderen Haustieren:
  • Soziale Bedürfnisse:

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