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Clumber Spaniel

Ein erwachsener clumber spaniel mit einem wunderbar weichen, weiß-braunen fell Ein erwachsener clumber spaniel mit einem wunderbar weichen, weiß-braunen fell Ein clumber spaniel, der schön sitzt und auf etwas aufmerksamkeit wartet Ein wunderschöner, junger clumber spaniel-welpe mit einem herrlich weichen fell Ein gesunder erwachsener clumber spaniel mit langem, dichtem fell Ein liebenswerter clumber spaniel, der sich draußen austobt Eine clumber spaniel-mutter mit ihren drei hübschen welpen


The Clumber Spaniel was first developed in England in the late 1700's and is one of the oldest Spaniel breeds. Possibly bred from the Alpine Spaniel and Bassett hound, the exact origin is unknown, but a concentrated breeding programme began at Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire. The Clumber is the heaviest and stockiest of the Spaniels and adept at hunting and retrieving game through the thickest undergrowth. They originally appealed to English Nobility as keen-nosed hunters and expert retrievers. One of the earliest breeds to be shown in competitions.


The Clumber Spaniel is a loving and easy going breed. Within a family, they are docile and happy to sleep and may even need some encouragement when it is time for a walk. Not so much a lazy dog, but quite happy to sleep and stay inside. They are very gentle and affectionate towards people, children and other pets and generally pay little attention towards strangers, unless children are involved and the dog feels that there is a threat towards them. They are protective of family members, but rarely bark unless they feel the need to. Hopeless as a watchdog; they'll probably be sleeping. When out and about, the hunter in them comes into it's own. They love being outside and playing. Games of fetch can last for hours and they like retrieving, especially if they find sometime, like a stick; they will want to bring you presents. This can be a down side, as they often swallow things they shouldn't, causing blockages. They are active dogs, but only need a moderate amount of exercise. A long daily walk should be enough to keep them happy. Their noses are very sensitive and they can dash off in search of the smell, so recall training is important. With regard to training, they learn at an average pace despite their intelligence. They like to please their owners and, like many Spaniels, can be greedy, so food based training will usually work. Hide all food in the kitchen as they have been known to get on to work tops in search of a treat. They can be stubborn at times so do need a reminder every so often they you are the boss. Clumbers like being around people and other dogs and dislike being on their own. As puppies they can chew incessantly and are curious and playful. Early socialisation, as with any dog, is important to get them used to their surroundings and new situations to produce a well rounded, happy pet.

Clumbers drool, and fart. Not for the house proud as they tend to shed quite a bit of fur too. Brushing 2 - 3 times a week with help control the amount of fur in your home. The major health concerns are Intervertebral Disk Disease and eye problems (specifically Entropion - inward rolling of the eye lid).


Clumber Spaniels have a gentle and loving temperament. These dogs are very calm both in and out of the house. They are good with children and other dogs - particularly others of the same breed. Being instinctively friendly they do not make good guard dogs. Enjoying plenty of exercise they will set their own pace which is usually quite slow and methodical as they explore their surroundings.

Gesundheitliche Probleme

Health problems that may affect Clumber Spaniels includes canine hip dysplasia (CHD), entropion (inward rolling of eyelid which irritates eyeball) and spinal disc herniation (spinal disc puts pressure on spinal cord which can cause some paralysis).

Einzelheiten zur Rasse

  • Status: Common
  • Lebenserwartung: 9 - 12 years
  • Produktgewicht: 25 - 39 kg
  • Höhe: 17 - 20"
  • Selten: Nein
  • Fell: Größe M
  • Pflegeanforderungen: Mehr als einmal pro Woche
  • Stadt oder Land: Land
  • Mindestanforderungen an Umgebung: Großes Haus
  • Mindestanforderungen an Garten: Kleiner bis mittelgroßer Garten
  • Rassetyp: Jagdhund
  • Version: Größe L
  • Energieniveau: Größe M
  • Benötigte Bewegung: Bis zu einer Stunde

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