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Glen Of Imaal Terrier

Glen-of-imaal-terrier-weißer-hintergrund Glen-of-imaal-terrier-außen Glen-of-imaal-terrier-welpe


The Glen of Imaal Terrier originates from the Wicklow area of Ireland. It is believed that mercenaries arriving in Ireland during the late 1500's brought dogs with them, that bred with the local terriers to produce the breed. They were mainly used to catch vermin, such as foxes, badgers and rats and rarely barked, thus making them stealth hunters in the dens and burrows. They are referred to as Glens or Glennies and sometimes the Wicklow Terrier. The breed almost died out until breeding began again in the 1900's. They are still quite a rare breed.


The Glennie is an active, gentle and affectionate breed, much more docile than other terrier types. They are tolerant and sweet natured around children and make a good addition to a family. They are an energetic and tenacious breed but will quite happily cuddle up to you and sleep the afternoon away. They won't demand constant attention, but are happiest as long as you are nearby. Generally good with strangers and dogs if properly socialised from a young age and only bark for a reason. It is a deep bark, typically that for a much larger dog. Whilst they can be scrappy and playful, they rarely start a fight but usually won't back down, a typical Terrier trait. They make good watchdogs. Like all Terriers, Glennies have an independent streak and can be incredibly stubborn. They need a strong willed owner who can teach them. They do learn quickly and are an intelligent breed wanting to please you; if it suits them. Glennies need a fair amount of daily exercise, but a long walk is usually enough to keep them happy. Recall training is important as their prey drive can overrule common sense. They are expert diggers and owners should consider adding a sandpit to the garden to prevent flower borders being dug up. They are inquisitive and playful and seem to entertain themselves, but adore playing with children and are gentle with them. They do well in agility competitions and as therapy dogs.

The Glen of Imaal has a dense coat that needs stripping a few times a year, plus brushing a couple of times a week. Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) is a congenital disorder which can affect the breed. Tests are available and should routinely be carried out by the breeder. Other than that, Glennies are a very healthy, long lived, breed.


Glen of Imaal Terriers have a brave and inquisitive temperament. Bred to hunt Badger they are not afraird of anything and always up for an adventure. Sweet little family dogs they are good natured with children and will be devoted to their family.

Their strong hunting instincts means they cannot be trusted with small animals such as (hamsters, rabbits etc.) and should only be kept with cats who can assert their dominance over the dog.

Gesundheitliche Probleme

Health problems that may affect Glen of Imaal Terriers include canine hip dysplasia (CHD) and progressive retinal atrophy (PRA: breakdown of retina tha can lead to blindness).

Einzelheiten zur Rasse

  • Status: Common
  • Lebenserwartung: 12 - 14 years
  • Produktgewicht: 14 - 18 kg
  • Höhe: 12 - 13"
  • Selten: Ja
  • Fell: Größe M
  • Pflegeanforderungen: Mehr als einmal pro Woche
  • Stadt oder Land: Land
  • Mindestanforderungen an Umgebung: Kleines Haus
  • Mindestanforderungen an Garten: Kleiner bis mittelgroßer Garten
  • Rassetyp: Hund zur Schädlingsbekämpfung
  • Version: Größe M
  • Energieniveau: Größe M
  • Benötigte Bewegung: Bis zu einer Stunde

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